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About us

Our story in the wonderful world of fragrances starts  in 1995. The road we traveled has been long, sometimes  hidden with dangers around every corner, often full of wonderful adventures, beautiful places and great people.

The project "Pasión y Fuego" is the result of these 20 years. There was never a day when a small brick was not added, a little detail changed, an idea would not be turned over or upside down a thousand times.
In Plato's "Apology of Socrate" (as for me all I know is I know nothing) we found the inspiration from which to draw our thirst for knowledge. A work that has required patience, hard work and perseverance, but eventually will shine in all its beauty and uniqueness on the twentieth anniversary of our company.

We studied, designed, dreamed the development of this idea and have become one in the role of a sculptor at work with a block of marble ... He observes it, studies it, trying to figure out what lies unseen, where is the hidden soul of that rock and how to bring it to life, how to develop his idea, his plan, how to give body and soul to his dream ...

Just like a songwriter writes his songs to tell the world about his ideas, his feelings, his fears, we created our own line of perfumes "Pasión y Fuego". Each fragrance is a creation with its own identity, its own message, its own dream ... 

The fragrances in our line  "Pasión y Fuego" are the tales of our history and our hopes for a better future. A future full of peace and joy; love and harmony; of silence and reflection; the desire to live our lives to the fullest with fun and joy, in respect for our Mother Earth.