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As we were working on this project, knowing full well what we were trying to achieve and aware of all the difficulties we were going to face, we came across a statement from  American psychologist, Dr. James Hillmann:

"Love alone is not enough.
Without imagination, love stales into sentiment, duty, boredom ...
Relationships fail not because we have stopped loving,
but because we first stopped imagining."

This is exactly what we are trying to say with our line of perfumes;
" If you want to keep the sacred fire of love alive, you've got to put logs on that fire; the flame, if not kept alive, will soon burn out ..."
It's great to pay the bills, grow kids and take care of all the duties and responsabilities that modern life brings us, but that we need to take care also of hearts and souls ... our own and those of the people we love.

"Pasión y Fuego" tells us a story of people wanting to get the best in life and their will to fight to have the right to try to be happy. Everyday people, overwhelmed by duties and responsabilities at their homes and at their working places, but who know that they have to put logs of wood on the fire of love to feed their relationships to keep them alive and strong.
"Pasión y Fuego" ... because we are people who are aware that we have received the gift of living our life on this earth. We have a duty and responsibility to treat it with respect, for ourselves and for our children ...

We are these people!
     This is our Life!

         This is our moment!
             This is our Paradise!


The whole project "Pasión y Fuego" is therefore not only just a collection of fine fragrances, made with carefully chosen ingredients from the best of the Provence' region and blended with the capable hands of a master craftsman ...
"Pasión y Fuego"‚Äč is more ...so much more!