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Work with us #wearefamily#


We thank you for choosing to enquire about the possibility of working with us. If you have arrived at this point it means that you already understand our philosophy and the message of our line "Pasión y Fuego".

For further information on how to become part of our family, please send us a CV to our email address.

We need people who are capable and resourceful, in keeping with our philosophy.

We are confident that the quality you will  provide will be of great help in our development; for sure we will be happy to welcome people armed with passion, will power, enthusiasm and skills that will help in the continuation of our journey.

We are offering you the chance  to work with us, even according to your needs and have developed some interesting plans that we believe may be of interest:


  • Project "Work with us #wearefamily#" - for those who have decided to join us:
    • Our project provides for the possibility of partnership with beauty centers, beauty salons, hair stylists throughout the country.
    • Our line of Eau de Parfum, presented to the public through an attractive display, is the ideal way that can help us grow and spread our philosophy, through your store.
    • We ask you to check our website to learn more about our products and we are available for any information.




Project ""Students & more Fragrances #wearefamily#"" - aimed at university students and others...

We are willing to help you with everything you need to allow you to continue in your studies and work. so you can pursue your to  goals. We feel that too many people are not fulfilling their dreams because there are no opportunities for them; we will give our little contribution to try to stop this!

We will provide you with a comfortable display, with all the description details and info necessary; you can carry this with you, together with your books. 

We look forward to having you with us
 C&D dreams parfums

Please send your C.V. to: cddreams15@gmail.com