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Pasión y Fuego - packaging

All products used in our line of fragrances are environment friendly. This in accordance with our corporate philosophy.

The bottle and accessories are 100% recyclable, but in the box we find the most important features.

The paper used is produced by zero impact plantations ; this means that for each tree used, from plantations certified for the production of paper, one is planted  in replacement, in order to keep the eco-system in balance.

In place of the usual boxes, sealed with products that may pollute the environment (glue, chemicals, etc.), our boxes are closed with the two lateral inserts and therefore do not need adhesive chemical materials.

The design of the box has the faces of the couple as a symbol and the fire must always be kept burning, and fed within the relationship.

The background of the box depicts a precious silk fabric that dresses each fragrance, like an elegant dress to wear on special occasions, with the person you love, or for a simple walk with your soul.

The label, designed with a half-heart, suggests creating union with our soul mate. If we combine the two bottles we can form one heart. At the same time we know how to stand alone, knowing that we always have someone nearby who loves us and appreciates us for what we are.

With this idea we wanted to communicate to our customers our philosophy. We have not created these eau de parfum just to be worn ... We have created tales; we have brought forward our emotions, feelings, our fragilities ...

The idea to "dress up" our eau de parfum in this manner is our message.
Our creations represent us. The scent is our soul, our heart. The bottle protects both. The box is worn to protect us from the elements of the world...