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Pasión y Fuego - the tale

A collection of seven fragrances, that tells a story ... our story ... The names and fragrances chosen for our line of perfumes are linked together by an unbreakable, universal and multi-cultural thread. Our creations invite us to  "Live Life!", enjoying every moment and opportunity; in "Peace and Joy!", with ourselves and with others; contemplating the beauty of the world, listening to "The Voice of Our Soul" by loving and respecting the people close to us and our Mother "Earth !!!" that welcomes us through our journey in life.

We have created our new line of  eau de parfum "Pasión y Fuego":
-"Vive la Vie!"
-"Peace & Joy!" ,
-"La Voce dell'Anima"
both for woman and man,
-"Tierra!!!" only for woman, to send our message across to all.

People used to face the daily struggles of life, but who can also find beauty in  simple things, like a gentle caress, a warm smile, a walk in the woods, to go shopping together with a strong sense of fun and complicity, hold each other tight inside the security of a big and strong hug ...
People who love each other and want to have fun together!

Our fragrance line "Pasión y Fuego" will lead us on a journey to rediscover those feelings that seemed to have been lost but instead are just hidden in some corner of our soul ... The desire to return and play together to spark up the fire of love is a duty to ourselves and the people who are close to us. Nothing is more sacred than the people we love...

We are people not satisfied with whatever comes our way,  we do not accept things because someone says it's just so; because to love a person is a great challenge to ourselves ... just to see that light shine for a moment in his of her eyes ...

That's why we try to make our earth a better place; a world that we know is rich in natural beauty and takes your breath away, a world which is fountain of joy and inspiration, but also a Mother Earth abused and mishandled, who needs our help, our ability to fight, our sense of responsibility. .. because:
" El Paraiso no es lun lugar donde ir, sino una sensación para vivir!"
(from the movie "Il Ciclone" by L. Pieraccioni)
Let us live with joy and peace, as if Heaven were here, right now; we owe it to ourselves and to future generations ...

This is the tale and the philosophy of  "Pasión y Fuego" and this is the message that we send these 7 fragrances: a plea to fight, to fight for those feelings in which we firmly believe; to challenge those situations that  have led us astray in dark paths, sending us into the abyss of boredom and routine, where we had lost for a moment our true values and horizon ...

Because we are people who put  passion in everything we do and we are driven by the sacred fire that burns in our hearts ...
to live together in peace, love and harmony!