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Vive la Vie! eau de parfum for man

The perfume's tale 

" The purity of the contours , the sweetness of the whole, colours which slowly fade, the harmony of the sky , the sea , the earth ... when you see  them once, you will never  forget them. " JW Goethe ( Travel to Italy , 1813-17 )

In creating this fragrance, we drew our  inspiration from some excerpts from the essay of this famous German writer during his time in Sicily and we imagined we were seated next to him, taking notes, sitting on a bench in a summer's afternoon  in a Sicilian garden after a downpour.

" You sit in the shade of an orange tree, your hands collect a handful of dirt, leaves and fallen flowers. The heat of the sun returns to shine and warm the earth , the wet leaves still on the trees that seem to turn to the sunlight to welcome its warm rays of light .

A slight breeze coming from behind the cape carries the scent of the sea that you can hear if you close your eyes . And as you listen to the waves crashing on the cliffs , you can breathe the scent picked  up by the gentle breeze in its path;  vigorous notes of  wild juniper and myrtle , which grow in the wild on the banks of the gentle slopes behind the garden and blend with the flavors of the  citrus garden; the collection of plants and shrubs protected by boulders placed to delineate the boundaries that have withstood the centuries .

And while you smell the scent from  that mixture that your hands  collected from the ground , you  slowly breathe and listen to the swish of the breeze through the branches. After a short  while you seem to hear the noise and the smell of this island's history,  witness through the centuries by peoples of various cultures , customs and traditions , but who  resisted and was able to maintain its identity. "

The olfactory notes: citrus - spicy

Simplicity is always a quality very difficult to find, because everyone seems to believe that only complicated things are beautiful . A fragrance where the orange tree is the main attraction in all its forms . The skilful mix of orange blossom , with a jus of resins and leaves , combined with the cold pressing and the addition of bark during the ripening process and a selection of Sicilian berries, makes this fragrance an element of elegance and purity hard to find.