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Vive la Vie ! eau de parfum for woman

The tale

We created this fragrance finding inspiration in some artistic and literary works that have been with us for some time; a song by Elisa, Italian artist: "Qualcosa che non c'è" in which she says:

" I have waited a long time for something that isn't here,
instead of watching the sun rise every day ..." 

and a poem, by  Brazilian writer Martha Medeiros: "A morte devagar"; in which Martha tells us (here are a few steps):

"Slowly dies he who shuns passion ...
who does not risk certainty for uncertainty ...
who renounces to chase a dream ...
who does not find peace and grace for himself ...
always remembering that being alive requires an effort
far greater than the simple fact of breathing ... "‚Äč

This fragrance has been created for those who know the true meaning of the word "Courage" ... for all those women who know what they have to do and do not hide from their responsibilities ... Our life is here now.

They have decided to stop feeling sorry for themselves, always finding excuses for everything that goes wrong, aware that it is useless to complain; you just have to roll up your sleeves and go on your way, sometimes with decisive and revolutionary methods, but that help us appreciate and
... rejoice for the gift we have been given ...

This is our Life!
This is our moment!
This is our Paradise!

A hymn to life, to Joy. A spur to enjoy every single moment, every situation, every breath, with our soul ....

Viva and Live Life!

Olfactory groups: floreal-fruity

The natural flavors in this fragrance are the result of a blend of sweet flavors, served with seductive notes of patchouli and embellished with fruity touches. Peach, blueberry, pear, cedar and black currant open the ball, followed by orange blossom, ylang ylang, gardenia, poppies, iris and jasmine.  Notes of musk, amber, vanilla, patchouli, tonka bean and chocolate round up this fragrance.